Meals You Should Try When Visiting Scotland

Many people think that they know a lot about Scotland before they go there. In reality, Scotland is more than just about haggis and whisky. There are vast quantities of delights that we can find there. If asked about other Scottish dishes, some people may correctly say porridge, but they may not be able to name others. Uniquely Scottish flavors could be pleasant enough for people with more adventurous taste buds. People would be able to enjoy the truly ethnical eating experience. For the uninitiated, porridge may seem like common milled oat soaked in hot water and sprinkled with some salt. However, there are different variants of porridge in the Scotland that could include milk, maple syrup, honey, jam, sugar and other ingredients.

Meals You Should Try When Visiting Scotland

Other than made as porridge, milled oats could also be baked into small biscuits, which is served with savory toppings and cheese. There are different ways how Scottish biscuits are made, some are rough, while others have cake-like textures. Being cold and wet, Scottish cuisine also include hot, refreshing soups. Soup could be a wonderful comfort food during our trip in Scotland, especially if it’s a cold damp day. As an example, Scotch Broth is a wonderful thick soup that include dried pea and pearl barley. Its primary ingredients include some lamb and root vegetables. Cock-a-Leekie is another soup that contain leek and it’s slow boiled for house until the meat falls away from the bone and become gelatinously tender.

When visiting Scotland, it is not prudent not to try haggis, although you may find it somewhat repulsive. For those with more adventurous taste could try haggis in highland areas, specifically around Glencoe. It can also be found in some restaurants at bigger cities, such as Edinburgh and Dundee. Haggis is a mix of lamb innards, oatmeal, onions and various spices. Milder variant of haggis, with only lamb meat could also be found. In general, haggis can be seen as a rustic meal in Scotland and it’s sourced from local ingredients. The dish is relatively cheap to produce and there is a healthier variant of haggis with hand-picked, low-fat meat and no offal used.

Scotland is also known for its bakery and a popular retail chain is Greigs the Bakers. Breads and other baked products from Greigs the Bakers can become a tasty snack or light meal. A common baked product in the Scotland is Scotch Pie, but it doesn’t actually contain any scotch. It is generally an undercooked pastry filled with mutton. Served hot, it could become an actual tasty meal. When sampling scotch pie, we should have a lot of paper towel to soak up the torrential saturated fat that ooze out when we bite a slice of it.

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