Things to Do When Visiting Sweden

Sweden is one of the most popular Nordic countries, that are bordered by Finland and Norway. It has risen in the forefront of the modern culture. Sweden is known as a country with deep social root in history and tradition. The first city that we visit in Sweden is likely Stockholm and it is a picturesque southern city of the country. Not far from the capital, we could actually see snow-capped mountains, dense forests and vast glaciers. Sweden can be seen as a delight for many outdoor enthusiasts. Stockholm is the largest city in Sweden and it’s consisted of 14 separate small islands with more than 50 main bridges. Other than experiencing the amazing history of the city, we could also discover the vibrant and modern surroundings.

The Old town offers a wide variety of waterways, green spaces and parks. The main old town area of Stokcholm is Gamia and it is the place where we can find the Royal castle. It was constructed in the 17th century with wonderful official residence. We may also go to the Stockholm Cathedral, the Museum of Medieval Stockholm and an old church. There are many restaurants, pubs and shops that we can find in the area. We should visit the city during the Christmas fair and the area is certainly a picturesque area that we should visit. There are many traditional shops and houses that we can find in Stockholm. We could also go to the Nordic Zoo with various indigenous wildlife found in the country.

Things to Do When Visiting Sweden

Gothenburg is located in the southwestern area of the country and the second largest urban center in the country. It is a seafood center in Sweden, attracting many food travelers around the world. Other than the source of excellent food, the surrounding coastal area is also popular for canoeing, boating and kayaking during summer. We could also find rich wildlife around Gothenburg and also fertile farmland. The Dalsland region is known for its dark forest that are home to deer and wild elk, Outdoor enthusiasts could enjoy hiking, fishing and gathering wild berries. Small towns around Gothenburg could provide us with various mouthwatering food, including pastries, cheese and baked goods.

The Lapland region is certainly a place we should visit and it is located at the northern area of the country. Winter is longer in this area, but locals are already well-accustomed to the icy grip of the climate for centuries. During the short summer months we could find local wildlife and try one of the best world-class salmon fishing experience. It is also the location of Sweden Ice Hotel during winter. We may also try riding dog sled and snowmobiles during winter. In the night, we could gaze up to see the mythical Northern Light.

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