4 Reasons Hawaii is Still A Wonderful Honeymoon Destination

Hawaii has become a rather typical destination for honeymooners that many of them are seeking for alternative destinations around the world. However, the islands chain still offers so much that we shouldn’t miss them. A well-planned trip in Hawaii could turn into the most unforgettable honeymoon experience:

4 Reasons Hawaii is Still A Wonderful Honeymoon Destination

  1. Wonderful beaches: In islands of Hawaii, we could find multiple captivating beaches, where we can appreciate the wonderful scenery and various marine activities. Kahalu’u is a typical beach that we could find in the state, with its snorkel-friendly landscape. Kahalu’u is known for its calm water and we could find hundreds of species of colorful fish. There are also beautiful corals, parrot fish, butterfly fish and sea turtles that we can find. However, some of the beaches can be typically rough with bigger waves and more challenging current. They are more appropriate for honeymooners who want to surf and choose something that’s physically more stimulating.
  2. Rich history and culture: Hawaii is known for its rich history and culture that will enchant many travelers. The Mookini Heiau Sate Monument was first established about 1,500 years ago and it’s one of the important historical sites in the islands. It’s believed to be the site of human sacrifice performed by early Hawaiian tribes. We may also go to the birthplace of Hawaii’s most known king, Kamehameha I. The birthplace is marked clearly with a stone wall and many locals consider it as a highly spiritual site. We should take care not to move or walks on the sacred rocks.
  3. Animals an nature: Animal and nature lovers could find wonderful experience in the big islands of Hawaii, as well as the smaller ones. We could interact with many of these creators. As an example, the Dolphin Quest trip allows us to approach and communicate with the smart sea mammals. Other than dolphins, we could also find the immense whales, especially the Humpback whales. Honeymooners could experience and outburst of joy and amusement as they interact with these smart creatures. Various sea mammals can be seen in Hawaii from December to May when they seek the warm tropical water to give birth to their calves.
  4. Other attractions: The big islands of Hawaii could provide us with a variety of attractions and activities. As an example, the Imiloa Astronomy Center could allow us to see a glimpse of stars over Hawaii, a perfect and romantic session for many honeymooners. The Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden is a perfect place to visit in the afternoon. The beach resorts and hotels of Hawaii can be considered as attractions themselves with many activities that we can do in and around them. As an example, the Hilton Waikoloa Beach resort features a couple of excellent championship golf courses.
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