4 Parasites That We Should Avoid During A Trip

There are different diseases that we should avoid at all costs when visiting four corners of the world. Parasites could really become troublesome during our trip, especially if have to stay in a sub-standard lodging in developing countries. Here are four nasty critters that we should be aware of:

4 Parasites That We Should Avoid During A Trip

Giardia Lamblia: This tiny creature could be found in unsanitary toilet and it could reside in infected feces. This parasite could easily contaminate local water and food. It is important to aware if we go to countries known problems of overcrowding, poor water quality and bad sanitary conditions. Backpackers and campers could also be affected, because streams can still be infected if there are small settlements upstream. Giardia cysts could also reside inside cattle that defecate in water. It’s important to always treat our water during a camping session.

Leishmaniasis: It could infect us when visiting Southern Europe and various tropic countries. This critter is carried by [hlebotomine sand fly, a night feeder. So, we should watch for the vector insect during the night hours. We should ask locals on ways to avoid these insects and prevent them from nibbling our skin. Infection could actually go unnoticed and sand flies are much quieter than ordinary flies. Actually, these flies are much smaller that normal-sized mosquitoes. In areas with known prevalence of sand flies, we should use repellent and wear protective clothing.

Plasmodium: It could be considered as the world’s most notorious parasite, other than dengue. Plasmodium is the cause of the good old malaria. Many returning travelers are afflicted by severe fever, which is eventually diagnosed as malaria. Other than prevalent in islands of Pacific, malaria is also highly prevalent in the Sub-Saharan Africa. To determine the risk, we should use the latest CDC Malaria Map that can notify us about the current endemicity of the disease in different regions. Just like dengue, Malaria is also carried by mosquitoes, so proper clothing and ample supply of repellent are essential.

Ascaria Lumbricoides: It’s among the biggest parasite that can infect us. It’s a type of roundworm that resides in our intestines. It’s so nasty that it could produce hundreds of thousands of eggs only a single day. The worm could grow up to 35 inches. The tough, durable eggs of A. lumbricoides could be found in contaminated soil. Unfortunately, these eggs could resist high temperature, so we should make sure that our food is well cooked.

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