Things to Do When Visiting Lithuania

Exploring Lithuania can be a quite amazing experience and it’s a small nation located at the Baltic Sea. It is known as an eccentric and vibrant city with unique landscape. The country is known for its rich history, since the dawn of the Renaissance. Lithuania was blessed with scientific and artistic minds that charge out the dark ages, especially in the Baltic region. Lithuania is seen as the jewel of Northern Europe and it’s among the top ten lists when we visit Eastern Europe. There are rich folklores and traditions that we can see when we visit the small country. There are amazing towns to discover, as well as ancient villages and beautiful countryside.

Our first visit would likely be Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania. It’s smaller than many European capitals and a good place to explore only one foot. Its historic Old Town is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When we travel through the streets of Vilnius, we could see a melting pot of cultures that are still remain today. Other than a haven for Jewish community and strong Catholic traditions, we could also see pagan roots of the country. The Gate of Dawn is one of the few landmarks not destroyed during the Great Patriotic War in WW2. It is a great place to see during the Christmas season with a huge Christmas tree set up in the city.

Things to Do When Visiting Lithuania

The Vilnius castle complex is certainly an important location in the city with its Royal Palace and Gediminas Tower. It remains as one of the best locations in Lituania. The Hill of Crosses is an impressive location that’s filled with so many crosses, from the elaborate expensive ones to the handmade ones. It is a location of pilgrimage for many people and people would go here to pay homage to their deceased love ones. It started when the Tsar in the mid-19th century banned the typical cemetery crosses. People would go to the hill pray for their loved ones. This is certainly a very unique place that we can visit in Vilnius.

Trakai castle is surrounded with wonderful enchantment an legends. The location dates back to the historic medieval ea of Lithuania and in fact, Trakai was the historical capital of Lithuania. The site was constructed by Duke Kestutis to represent his love for his wide. It’s located on a peninsula. The immense castle affords not only protection but also impressive beauty. Today, the castle is already painstakingly restored and we can find many historical and religious relics in there. The lake itself is a wonderful location to visit.

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