How To Have Low Cost Trip To Japan?

When we do the simple math, it’s clear that living cost in Japan is quite expensive and this will certainly affect our overall budget when travelling to the country. On the minds of many people today, they want to have more enjoyable trips. In a difficult economy, many people postpone their plans to go to destination areas with higher living costs. Travel is considered as inessential activities, so it could be immediately cancelled, when the financial condition seems to get worse. In this case, we should be aware of the budgetary realities, as well ensuring that we are able to go to places, despite of the difficult economic conditions. Japan is an East Asian country with a culture that is both unique and may even be peculiar by Western’s standards. It’s so unique that many people say that travelling to Japan once is not enough.

How To Have Low Cost Trip To Japan?

Many people are anxious to go to Japan multiple times to better experience the rich local cultures, tasty cuisine and interesting tourist destinations. If we plan to have a multi-trip to Japan without jeopardizing our finances, it is important to debunk the myths and try to become more efficient. The likeliest way to go to Japan is by using air travel. Most of the time we will arrive to Tokyo at Haneda Airport, but we could also directly to other major cities at Japan. We can reduce the overall costs by redeeming the mileage. This is a good way to maximize the overall value of travel. We will be able to gain better benefits by doing this. Obviously, we should choose the economy class to make sure that we can reduce the overall costs.

After we have arrived in Japan, we should consider the transportation options upon arriving in the country. Japan is a highly disciplined country and we could find that all the transportation networks are operated like clockwork. When we arrive at Haneda or Narita airport; the Limousine Bus is often the most economical and convenient way to get to places. Airport Super Shuttle provides us one-way fare at relatively lower costs. Another thing to consider is deciding where to stay. Japanese people pride themselves on their extraordinary hospitality. It means that we should be able to find many deluxe hotels and comfortable inns across the country. These places are often operated by minshuku or retired elderly. This way, we should be able to find rock bottom prices. In fact, it is possible for us to stay inside Tokyo for less than $50 per night.

Other option is to stay in ryokan or a traditional Japanese inn, which could bring us, much closer to the local culture. These places can offer us intimate glimpses to the ancient tradition of Japan, often at reasonable rate. In Kyoto, we could also find townhouse or traditional machiya. As we all know, Japan is known as a country with peculiar modern culture. In some larger cities in Japan, we could find capsule hotels that offer us a place to stay inside a comfortable capsule.

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