Desserts You Should Try When Visiting Scotland

Scotland isn’t widely known for its dishes, but we could still find some of the most unique tastes not found in other countries. After visiting the highlands and various castles, it should be a good time to try some local desserts with some cups of tea. As an example, we could try the chippie, which is a big Mars bar that’s deep fried. We could consider it as an occasional challenge not found in other countries. Bannock is another type of desserts that we should try and it’s essentially a big bun of sweet bread with a nice texture. Compared to other sweet breads, such as Brioche, it is obviously a different thing. The original bannock was hugely favored by Queen Victoria and the town of Selkirk is known for its tasty Bannock. The variant from the town has firm texture with dried fruit filling. It’s usually sliced and eaten with a spread of local butter.

Desserts You Should Try When Visiting Scotland

The black bun actually resembles bread than a common bun. It is a mix of flour, sugar, dried peel, spices and a mix of dried fruit. It even has pepper as one of the ingredient, giving us a rather unique taste. Black bun should be stored for a couple weeks to allow it to become mature and mellow. Ecclefechan tart is a dessert with exotic name that could impress visitors. It originated from villages around Ecclefechan, specifically on the outskirts of Lockerby. It is a sweet pastry with butter, walnuts and dried fruit as filling. The tart is known for its somewhat heavy consistency and can be served cold or warm. Some prefer to eat it with some ice cream. Shortbread is a combination of flour, sugar and butter. It can be cut into finger shapes and can become a good accompaniment to whisky.

Tablet is a local confectionary made from lots of sugar and condensed milk. It is best to be eaten with non-sugared tea and thought by some visitors to be heavenly. When trying local desserts, many people also drink whisky, instead of a cup of tea. It is essentially the national drink of Scotland. Barr’s Irn Brew is known for The Dentist’s Friend, which is a type of fizzy drink. Other than the local dishes, there are also local takes of Indian and Chinese takeaways, as well pizzas and burgers. These meals can be infused with local tastes that can bring unique sensations for eaters.

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