The Perfect Indian Wear

The saree is an Indian garment worn by almost all the female members of the Indian nation. It is almost like the national dress for the Indian women! Being a long garment, it is worn in a draping style and is considered as an ethnic or the most common traditional wear. It is worn in many different styles in the various cultures in all the states of India with the diverse people wearing it in their own unique methods. The saree is not just popular in India but is also worn by women in nations like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. The way to wear it simply wrapping it around the waist and then draping it over the shoulder. A blouse is worn underneath leaving your midriff bare and a petticoat as resembling a long skirt over which the saree is draped. The saree is considered the most valued and respected Indian female wear and the epitome of Indian culture definitely. The saree spread its roots from the Harappan civilization and has continued through all the ages. From time immemorial, goddesses and women have been portrayed in the Indian culture wearing sarees and till date it is considered as the most elegant piece of clothing even worn.

The Perfect Indian Wear

Sarees are worn in different styles and fashions, and the modern era has simply brought in a new fashion statement making the wear of saree more fashionable than ever. The production of sarees has been an ever growing business in the Indian nation and continues to be produced widely in the small scale as well as the large scale industries. An Indian woman is said to look extremely beautiful and gorgeous when she is draped in a saree as it is said, wearing a saree brings out the true beauty of an Indian woman. A saree can be worn by all the females, be they young or old and in all regions of India. The culture of India is represented by the wear of saree by the women of India. Even you would find some of the air hostesses of the international flights wearing the saree as well. Saree may be of different materials like cotton that is usually worn for comfort or daily wear, georgette or silk or chiffon for that slightly better look and for party or wedding wear. At present some of the designer sarees are available as well, designed by the some of the famous designers.

Sarees even have beautiful work done on them like that of embroidery, Kashmiri handwork and Zardosi to enhance the beauty of sarees. Sarees come in various colors and different beautiful designs. The prices vary from mere costs to higher costs as well depending upon the work of the saree and the design involved and where you go to purchase them as well! Some of the people agree that in an Indian saree, a woman represents the true epitome of beauty and simplicity. To represent India even in the international arena, the women leaders consider wearing saree as the formal wear. All the women leaders of today, including even our former President, Smt. Pratibha Patil or the chief of Indian National Congress, Sonia Gandhi, all consider wearing the elegant saree. The saree epitomizes the continuity of an age-old tradition. Walking with poise and grace in any special occasion, saree simply looks to be the perfect wear that adapts to your figure easily and looks wonderful and stunning.

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