Wonderful Waterfalls of Iceland

Iceland is an ice-encrusted volcanic island in the North Sea and its landscape has captured the imagination and heart of many people. There are many areas that must be visited by travelers, including the wonderful waterfalls.

Wonderful Waterfalls of Iceland

Gulfoss is like the Golden Gate Bridge of Iceland with its multi-tiered waterfall. The waterfall of Gulfoss could mesmerize us with its soothing power. When visiting the area, we could drive through the meandering hills and the waterfall itself is completely hidden from view, until the last moment. The waterfall is located in a river gorge and could appeal to many first time visitors. When reaching the Gulfoss, we could experience an immense sense of discovery, although there are many thousands of people have visited it before us. The waterfall is perpetually enveloped in its own mist and Gulfoss is certainly a delight to behold.

Dertifoss is one of the most thunderous waterfalls in Europe with its impressive falls. With its massive billowing ice-cold mist, it can be nearly impossible to see through and many people feel a sense of justified vertigo. Some of the most adventurous people could go to the nearby glacier and the overall landscape is certainly overwhelming. Dertifoss clearly takes our breath away and it is located only a few kilometers from the main highway. After a period of time driving through the barren landscape, it’s worth every minute to gaze at the waterfall. There are two paths that we can choose when visiting the waterfall, but the western path is paved and easy to travel on.

Seljalandsfoss is something that we have been always imagined when it comes to a powerful waterfall in an icy landscape. With its endless curtain of water, the fall seems to hide a deep mystery. It can be seen directly from the southern main highway and from a distance, it looks like a ribbon of shining water during certain time of the day, due to sunlight reflection. The waterfall is a 200 meter drop from a volcanic cliff and seen from any angle, it is certainly a wonderful place to visit. There are many wonderful photo opportunities when visiting Iceland and while we are in there, we could feel a special sense of fantasy and wonder.

Skogafoss is rumored to hide a chest of gold hidden by an original settler in the area, known as Thrasi. For generations, locals have been wondering where the treasure has been hidden and this adds an appeal to the waterfall. For some Skogafoss is the most wonderful waterfalls in the country, with gleaming white water and high cliffs. There are sets of stairs that we can follow while visiting the area. Down below, we could enjoy the thundering water and travelers should be aware of the occasional sprays of wind-carried glacial water!

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