The Tree Of Paradise

The festive mood has already begun to show its colors as Christmas dawns in, and with that millions of people start preparing for the December festival in their homes. Christmas that marks the birth of Jesus Christ on 25th December, is gaily celebrated by the Christians and people of other faiths as well, worldwide. Churches conduct masses day and night; Christmas is celebrated by people in their homes by decorating a huge Christmas tree adorned with lights and banners. Friends and relatives visit your homes and merry is made all night long. Beautiful Christmas carols are sung and a delicious cake is prepared and savored by everyone. Christmas brings beautiful feelings of joy and togetherness that binds everyone in cheer and happiness. Christmas celebrations are incomplete without the presence of a huge Christmas tree. Looks simply delightful, isn’t it? A Christmas tree is originally a huge evergreen conifer that is decorated with banners and flowers. Candies and tinsel are hung on it. Candles and artificial small lights are used in plenty to make it look bright and colorful.

The Tree Of Paradise

Little statutes of angels and stars and bells are put on it. A small statue of Santa Claus is put on it as well. The use of Christmas trees as a part of Christmas celebrations goes back to the late 12th century in Germany where fir trees symbolized the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden. The tree at present, symbolizes the message of life that Christ must be full of an everlasting hope and we shall have a new life, a new beginning with the advent of the New Year. The Christmas tree is now known as the Tree of Paradise, reminding us that though lives may end on Earth, we shall be reborn with a graceful life again with the mercy of Christ. It describes the immortality of life and hope as a part of life. The evergreen tree remains as it, through the harshness of the winters and in the scorching heat of the summer or in the falling droplets of rain. The candles that are hung symbolize the warmth and love of Christ, giving life and his blessings to all. The gifts kept under the tree, symbolize the gift of life given by Christ to all the men.

The stars symbolize the world where we live in the facets of the Universe. The bells indicate soft music, the Voice of Christ. And the Evergreen indicates the continuity of life, and a means of celebrating the birth of Christ in a colorful way. The Christmas tree, by all means is to welcome Christ on Earth again, to rejoice at his birth and Him being there for us men always. The use of Christmas trees as a part of Christmas celebrations soon spread to nations like the Great Britain where it was first decorated by Albert, the German husband of Queen Victoria. It spread to the USA through the German immigrants and then slowly, all over the world. Where the evergreen conifers are not available as like in the country of India, artificial ones are used. And now without a Christmas tree, Christmas celebrations are incomplete as it is the most important part of the festive proceedings. As the Pope John Paul says, “The tree of Life is an indication towards the exchange of spiritual good, of love and brotherhood”.

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