Dodging Hurricanes in the Carribean

Some areas around the world could be affected by various natural conditions, including hurricanes. The Caribbean is known for its wonderful summer months. There are plenty of vacation resorts around the Caribbean, especially inside the Gulf of Mexico. Although traveling to the Caribbean could provide us with immense financial bargains, there are a few things that we should consider. The warm climate in the area is a perfect opportunity for us to get away on wonderful vacations. However, we should know that hurricane could occasionally strike the coasts of Caribbean islands, especially in July, August and September.

In the last few decades, we have seen hurricanes with increasing frequency and severity, probably caused by the global warming. As heat accumulates in the atmosphere due to this phenomenon, more energy is available for triggering more powerful hurricanes. In fact, the destructive Katrina was started from a rather slow-moving tropical storm. It is important to be aware of possible weather conditions that can bring a lot of damages to the surrounding areas. In fact, we will continue to deal with a lot more active hurricanes.

Dodging Hurricanes in the Carribean

Highly destructive hurricane can be deadly for animals and people, as well as ravaging vegetation. The same kind of flooding can be inflicted on specific towns and cities in the Gulf of Mexico. If we plan to go to the Caribbean in July, August and September, we should check weather reports almost everyday. We should watch the movement of nearby storms. They may dissipate, turn away or increase in overall magnitude while moving quickly towards us. If storms are predicted to be imminent, we should consider taking a flight to nearby unaffected areas. Flights are still safe up to two days before a large hurricane is predicted to occur.

When checking for weather, we should know that hurricanes usually form over the North Atlantic and some could come off the coasts of Africa. We should be aware if the head in our direction. During the peak stormy month, we should consider visiting Trinidad and Tobago, which is located at the southern end of the Caribbean. They experience much fewer and less severe storms, if they arrive at all. Barbados is also known to be less affected by the typical Caribbean Hurricane. The islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are also relatively safe and they could become a vacation refugee for travelers who want to escape the looming storm at other locations.

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