Things We Should Do in San Francisco

Other than the southern cities of Los Angeles and San Diego, San Francisco is also a major destination in California. It is an ethnically diverse city that lends to its overwhelming charm. We may walk or even drive all day, and we still don’t run out of wonderful things that we can do in the city. San Francisco certainly have many things that can entertain us for the whole day. The Golden Gate Bridge and Chinatown are among the most popular destination in San Francisco, but we could also visit Lombard Streets, Coit Tower, Union Square, Fiherman’s Wharf and Golden Gate Park just to name a few. Another thing that makes San Francisco interesting is its people and we could find man extremely talented street performers.

Fisherman’s Wharf alone is large enough to take up about half of our day. When we go to Pier 39, we could exceptional street performance, such as singing, comedy, juggling and others. Pier 39 is simply a paradise for shopping tourists. There are also some candy and ice cream shops, as well as decent restaurants in the area. We could also see sunbathing sea lions and the distant prison island of Alcatraz. In the 30’s and 40’s, the infamous prison housed top criminals, including Machine Gun Kelly, Al Capone and the Birdman of Alcatraz. The popular Golden Gate Bridge and the Angel Island are also visible from Pier 39. People who are into architecture could walk the streets of the city.

Things We Should Do in San Francisco

San Francisco could amaze with a variety of buildings, including the typical Victorian mansions found at the southern and northern parts of the city. We could go to the Haight-Ashbury to find many beautiful homes with their wonderful array of colors. Across the Alamo Square at the Steiner Street, we could find among the most photographed Victorian mansions in the city and they are often called as the painted ladies. Although these houses may have subdued colors compared those at the Haight-Ashbury, they are still quite interesting to see, especially with the stunning background. Lombard Street is also a popular location at San Francisco.

We should also go to the Chinatown, which is located not too far from the Union Square. Going to the Chinatown may actually step into another country, especially similar to Taiwan or Hong Kong. We could find many vacation trinkets and buildings with various colors. There are plethora of restaurants that serve both locals and travelers with wonderful taste of foods. Just be brave and enter one of the most wonderful eateries in the location. Like in some Chinese restaurants, we could also see those Peking ducks hanging. The Union Square is considered as the upscale shopping destination in the city where we can find many things to buy.

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