Things to Do When Visiting Slovenia

Slovenia is a wonderful Mediterranean country that is awash with natural and cultural beauties. Located at the shore of the sea, we could see the tranquil, turquoise waters with many water sports and beaches. We could also find many friendly people and destinations in Slovenia are not bombarded with tourists like in other places in the region. It’s still one of the most forested countries in the region with a huge population of brown bears. There are intricate networks of hiking trails that can be explored by bike or on foot. We could also find medieval town and rolling vineyards. Slovenia is a great place if we seek to get away from the usual crowds and it is possible to immerse ourselves with the surrounding beauty.

When we go to Slovenia, we should go wild, because the nature in Slovenia is abound with so many wonderful things. There are pristine and vast forests that we can visit in the country. Through a guided tour, we could explore the wonderful wilderness of Slovenia. We could get a wonderful feel of the nation and it should be a perfect place to enjoy the alternating cool and warm weather of Southern Europe. In the shores of Slovenia, we could enjoy the wonderful marine activities, such as enjoying scuba dive and snorkeling. Just inland, we could see many caves that can be explored through various trip packages, including a huge karstic cave sustem.

Things to Do When Visiting Slovenia

Slovenia is also known for its vineyards and they are often located among the rolling hillsides. These vineyards are wonderful places to visit under clean blue skies. Wines produced in Slovenia could match those from Italy and France. The country also has an old wine culture and we could fond some of the best wineries in the world. Slovenians are friendly and we could find them to be quite helpful when we visit the scenic vineyards and other rural areas. Food is a major parts of their lives and we could stop at the local restaurants and cafes to enjoy the local tastes of the country. There are also natural thermal springs that we can enjoy with their promised healing powers. As an example, Terme Snovik is considered as one of the best spas in the country.

Ljubljana is one of the smallest European capitals and it is quite rare to find crushing crowds in the city. We could find historic sites and charms while visiting the country. The Ljubljanica river traverses through the capital with its picturesque and beautiful bridges. It has a majestic castle that looms majestically over the city. When visiting the Old Town we could also find restaurants, cafes and fountains. We could also find many musicians and trendy artists in the area. It is recommended to visit Ljubljana during the summer festivals.

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