A Guide for Visiting South American Countries

Many people allocate an entire month for visiting multiple South American countries. It is a magical place with immense beauties where legends, myths and daily lives seem to walk hand in hand. When going to South America, we should use common sense. There are dangerous locations even in the developed countries; so we should use the same logic when visiting South America. In fact, by being knowledgeable about the local situation, a foreign traveler could survive a week staying and walking around some of the safer favelas in Rio de Janeiro. We should avoid going to quiet areas at night and always mingle with the crowd, even during the day.

Weeks before visiting South America we should learn a lot of things about it. We may also bring books that can become our best companions during our search for adventure. Lonely Planet’s guide for South America is one of the basic guides that we can choose, among hundreds of travel books that we can choose for our trip to the region. There are separate travel guides for each country in South America and the Shoestring series is popular among many backpackers. However, if we want to travel light, it doesn’t make sense to bring so many books, so we should consider downloading e-books into our smartphone.

A Guide for Visiting South American Countries

South Americans speak Spanish and Portuguese, but many of them could speak well in English. Because there are only two primary languages spoken by locals, we could invest a few weeks learning phrases. This is particularly true in small towns and rural areas where English are not widely spoken. Basic knowledge on both languages could make our trip much easier and more rewarding. For people who want to have a lengthier trip to South America that could cover a couple of months could take language courses. Private teachers in South America could agree to teach us for affordable hourly fees.

Much of the South America is still covered with forest, swamp and wilderness. The outdoor potentials of South America can be particularly overwhelming, culminating to following the footsteps of the Incans in the high grounds of Peru. Before going to South America we should consider taking vaccinations. Yellow Fever could be contracted around the Amazon basin and typhoid vaccination should be taken every 4 weeks. We could also consider the risks of other diseases, such as smallpox, cholera and tetanus. When spending more than one night camping outdoor, we should purchase aspirin, antibiotics, water purifier, insect repellents and others in nearest towns.

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