4 Alternative Destinations That We Can Visit in the Mediterranean Sea

Riding across the Mediterranean Sea can be a very exciting experience where we could join activities in thrilling beaches and wonderful summer cruises. There are many cities in the region with rich histories, including the ancient cities of Alexandria and Athens. Here are four alternative locations that we should visit in the Mediterranean.

4 Alternative Destinations That We Can Visit in the Mediterranean Sea

  1. Naples, Italy: Many people would oppose the idea of visiting Naples. It’s crowded, loud, dirty and mob-ridden. However, with enough planning, we should be able to enjoy wonderful experience. Venice and Rome are certainly among the most popular destinations in the country. However, Naples is known for the best pizzas in the whole country. For a huge pizza the size of the desk, we could pay for only 5 Euros. Neapolitan pizzas are so tasty that they may common American pizzas literally taste like Play-Doh. When visiting Naples, we should enjoy the wonderful cuisines in the city.
  2. Cinque Terre, Italy: It is a wonderful national park that we could find in the country, encompassing five cliff-side towns. The site is known for a huge hiking trail that can be reached by boat and train. We should be able to ride through the gorgeous Tuscan countryside and we could still make a stop to see the leaning tower of Pisa. In towns around the Cinque Terre, we could have the chance to sample the local glasses of wine and various snacks. We could traverse through the wonderful and luscious flora of the country with wonderful and breathtaking ocean views.
  3. Dubrovnik, Croatia: Dubrovnik can be among the best locations that we can visit in the Mediterranean Sea, It is actually a small, random-looking city in the region, but could still offer us so much. Dubrovnik has an infectious care-free and laidback vibes and the town that offers so many wonderful outdoor opportunities. We could even jump into the ocean from the walls that surround the city. When we go to the Old Town, we could wander from one street performer after another. The town is a wonderful mix between the new and old. There’s even a modern nightclub located at one of the stone fortresses.
  4. Casablanca, Morocco: Casablanca is one of the most iconic North African cities. It’s much more about what we see in the film and from there, we could go to various nearby destination. The city is packed full with wonderful sights, including the seventh largest mosques in the world, the Hasan II mosque. We could tiptoe through the bazaars of Casablanca and it’s well worth our time if we have proper haggling skill.
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