How to Properly Explore the Alps

The Alps runs through the central Europe and it covers across eight countries in the continent. It is known for its stunning green forests and snow-capped peaks. They should be able to attract people from around the world.

How to Properly Explore the Alps

  • France: In France, we could find picturesque Alpine towns and unbeatable ski slopes. We could find many amazing opportunities for biking, hiking and white water rafting. We could find various mirror-like mountain lakes, including the Lake Geneva. There are multiple resort towns that we visit, including Grenoble and Chamonix.
  • Switzerland: Switzerland is known for its wonderful alpine towns and people go there during the peak ski seasons. Gimmelwald is considered as the quintessential Swill mountain village and located in the Bernese mountains. No cars are allowed in the village, but it can be reached with train. It is a wonderful place to stroll around and we could sample the local Swiss cheese and enjoy the scenery.
  • Italy: Alpine regions are located at the Northern Italy and Aosta is the major Italian city in the area. It also offers many ski opportunities and picturesque mountain views. We could also find old ancient ruins in the area and Mont Blanc is the biggest peak in the area. We could also visit Bolzano, an German-speaking Italian city.
  • Austria: As we continue our journey, we could enjoy Austrian Central Alps with its dairy farms and cheese making industry. We could enjoy the crisp and clean air of the grassy hills. There are numerous Alpine resorts and we could find various mountaineering and skiing opportunities. Innsbruck has a wonderful medieval history with its charm and architecture of the old city. It’s a wonderful place to walk around and we could really enjoy many sites in the locations. The villages of Alpbach are known for their rustic inns and flower-adorned balconies. We may also go to Salzburg, which is featured in the popular classic film, The Sound of Music.
  • Germany: The Alps are located at the southern areas of Germany and it’s also called the Bavarian Alps. There are also steep chiseled slopes and beautiful river winds their way through the thick forest and mountains. It is a place where we can hope to find wonderful hiking and rafting opportunities.
  • Slovenia: It is the least visited country for people who want to go to the Alps. However, the country is unique because the Alps finally meet the Mediterranean Sea at the Adriatic. After enjoying the highland of Alps starting from France, we could end this with various seaside activities, especially during summer.
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