7 Adventurous Train Trips That We Should try

There are great rail journeys that we could enjoy around the world. Train isn’t only useful for transporting travelers to different locations, but they could also discover many new things during the trip itself.

7 Adventurous Train Trips That We Should try

  1. Trans Siberian Express: It is a lengthy journey that links Moscow and Vladivostok. It passes through eight time zones and we could see many sceneries with rare luxury. We could witness some of the most remote locations in the world while passing so many beautiful We could also enjoy a journey that could help us to learn many fascinating histories about Siberia.
  2. Orient Express: It’s the fabled journey that brings travelers from London to Venice. We could enjoy a variety of romance and adventure. We could depart the Victoria Station in London and the journey ends at Santa Lucia in Venice. The highlight of the journey is when we pass the Alps highland.
  3. Cusco to Macchu Picchu railway: This journey brings us to the majestic mountainous ruins of Machu Picchu. Travelers are brought by the Hiram Bingham train that meanders past the towering mountains and we could also enjoy the Urubamba river with its crashing, tumbling waters. The lost ruins of Machu Picchu is considered as the national treasure of Peru that brings us a classic high altitude journey. It’s a memorable trip from start to finish.
  4. The Soul of South Africa, it is an opulent and classic rail journey at the southern tip of the Black continent. Other than the standard railway holiday, we could also stay at luxurious lodges and hotels, while watching wildlife and stunning scenery. The true highlight of journey is the railway segment between Praetoria and Cape Town.
  5. Canadian Railroad Adventure: The Canadian Rockies could really offer us an exhilarating journey and it’s a true outdoor rail adventure. It starts from the lively Toronto and we could eventually reach Vancouver at the shore of the vast Pacific Ocean. During the journey, we traverse through the aquamarine lakes, glaciers and plains. It’s a real experience to enjoy the wonderful diversity of the country’s landscape.
  6. The Lhasa Express: It travels for about 750 miles and could reach an altitude of 17,000 feet. This journey takes us to the actual Rooftop of the World, through the staggering beautiful rural areas of Tibet. We could see so many sights that we previously could only dream of. It starts from the hustle and bustle of the Chinese capital of Beijing. The trip ends at the old city of Lhasa in Tibet.
  7. The Pride of Africa: The Pride of Africa is a glorious rail journey that provides us an absolute splendor of Victoria Falls to the southern city of Cape Town. The Pride of Africa is known for its roomy cabins and elegant comfort.
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