From Eye-Watering Spices To Mouth Watering Sweets- The Indian Food

India and food are interlinked. Think of India and you will get the images of mouth watering food of every variety and color possible. Indians are perhaps the biggest food junkies in the world and they are justified in this. Indian cuisine is so unique, so diverse and so delicious that food becomes one of the best things about Indian life. Taste it once, and you will fall in love with it. From richly flavored foods to the mild, easy on stomach dishes, you can find it all here. Indian food takes into account every kind of palette, every season and every mood. There is such a large variety of culinary styles that it leaves a foreigner completely bamboozled. Indian food is a culture in itself- the Food Culture. To discover a new dish is a moment of happiness for the people here. Like the Indian culture itself, the Indian cuisine too is influenced by India’s foreign rulers. But this has not detoriated the Indian food culture in any way. In fact what it has done is broadened the base of Indian cuisine. Where earlier it had a limited scope, it now includes English, Portuguese, and Mughal, Middle Eastern and American flavors too. Some of the main ingredients of today’s Indian cuisine actually came from foreign lands.

From Eye-Watering Spices To Mouth Watering Sweets- The Indian Food

The Portuguese brought with themselves, cheese and other dairy product. The Mughals, along with a new religion and traditions brought tomatoes, chilly, potatoes and a rich flavor to the food, the English East India Company brought ginger. All these have now become essential parts of Indian cooking, so much so that these are thought to be native Indian products. The Mughal rule had most deeply influenced Indian cuisine. They brought with themselves kebabs and biryanis and also a variety of exotic fruits like apples and apricots. The raw materials that the foreigners brought have been utilized effectively and intelligently by the Indians. The Indian cuisine is very flexible and absorbent like the nation itself. It absorbs within itself the foreign ingredients and the end result becomes so Indian that it is difficult to imagine anything foreign in it. The diversity of Indian cuisine can be attributed to the diverse Indian climate, regions and culture. The difference in climate means that ingredients available in various parts of the country vary greatly. Wheat, for example, is the main food crop in the Western parts of the country due to the soil type, whereas the Eastern part produces paddy as the main crop. Therefore a variety of rotis and chapattis are prevalent in Punjab and other Western states and rice is more popular in Bengal, Orissa and the Southern regions. It all depends on the soil type.

Coconuts are typical of the Coastal regions where the trees flourish. What is meant here is that climate and soil type along with agricultural practices have a great influence on the fooding habits. The Indian Cuisine has a lot of international influences and yet has maintained its uniqueness. Food is a main part of Indian culture. Any party, or for that matter, any happy occasion is incomplete without food. Even every festival has its specific food variations. Eid is popular for sewain and Holi for Dahi badas. The Indian hospitality includes food as the essential element. Guests are welcomed with varieties of dishes and sweets. Indian sweet dishes are another story in themselves. They are mouth-watering and even delicious to look at. Sweets like halwa, rosogulla, barfi etc are so unique that they cannot be compared to any other kind of sweets. Indian food is unforgettable. Whether you taste the golgappa, vadapao, idli-sambhar, and mach-Bhat. Or makke di roti, you will find a unique flavor and aroma that will stay on your taste buds long after the time you taste it. From the rich greasy food to the mild foods, you are welcome to all. You will find that each of the dishes has one thing in common- the taste of India.

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