The Majestic Ruwenzori Mountain in Uganda

Uganda is much more than just about the iconic African wilderness with chimpanzees, gorillas and the typical big five. The country also has varied and rich landscape that we should explore. It offers some of the greatest landmarks, including the largest lake in the continent, the Lake Victoria. The historic river Nile runs through the country, before it unloads millions tons of water through Egypt into the Mediterranean Sea. One destination that we should visit in Uganda is the majestic Ruwenzori mountain or the Mountains of the Moon. It’s the highest mountain range in Africa, although the peak of Kilimanjaro is still taller. Rowenzori can be accessed easily and it should be incorporated into our itinerary when visiting Uganda.

The Majestic Ruwenzori Mountain in Uganda

Many people would agree that Ruwenzori should be considered as a world-class mountaineering and hiking destination. Both beginner and skilled climbers can choose multiple areas that they can traverse. Margherita is the highest peak of Ruwenzori and casual travelers could visit it by using less exhaustive treks. The Kilembe trail was accessible since 2009 and it’s considered as among the most beautiful trails in Africa. It links the town of Kilembe with various peaks in the Ruwenzori highland. Even veteran mountaineers could still be awed by stunning valleys and fantastic views. Travelers could trek in the nearby national park, which could offer us unique and truly fantastic experience. It has one of the few snow-capped peaks and glaciers in Africa.

Ruwenzori mountains could provide us with wonderful climbing and trekking options that could last up to 12 days. We could choose shorter trips depending on our schedule and our style of adventure,. Regardless of paths we choose, we could find that Ruwenzori offers many descents and climbs. The beautiful vegetation and scenery are simple incredible. Due to the relatively high rainfall, moss covers rocks, complementing the wonderful dense vegetation. Some areas may offer us an atmosphere that matches the Alice in Wonderland story. There are multiple biospheres in Rowenzori, with valleys of ferns and giant heather trees.

The Stanley glacier can be reached in a nine-day trek and it could take us to the highest apex. It should provide us with a wonderful view, especially for people who have good fitness and experience in ensuring safety. The Mount Baker at 4842 meters can be reached in 8 days and it’s consisted mainly of hard rock. On clear days, we should be able to see multiple breathtaking views of the Alexandra Peaks and Margerita. The trek should be quite easy for people who have reasonable fitness. The Weismann’s Peak at 4620 meters can be reached in a 6-day trip. Although it involves strenuous walking, it is a non-technical trip and doesn’t require the use of ropes. During April and May, we could experience occasional snowfalls on the peak.

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