How to Properly Hike During a Hot Day?

It is certainly a miserable experience to hike in a wet and cold weather. However, excessive heat should be handled properly during a hiking activity. In this case, we should have a proper reasoning on how to have proper hiking session. We should consider various safety measures as we hit the trails. It is important that we don’t allow ourselves as one of those hikers who are dehydrated and need to be evacuated urgently. It is important for us to hike smart as we go through the high temperature. It is essential for us to have the right hiking gears. As an example, we need to have proper boots or foot gears that can support our ankle and feet.

Travelers shouldn’t hike the train in a foreign country by themselves. It is important to be accompanies by local guides who can provide instructions. They would tell where and when to rest during the hottest time of the day. In the desert, it can be quite hot and it is imperative to bring enough water to properly hydrate ourselves. Local guides should know about the directions of the shelters that must be reached before it become too hot. The hiking session can be continued after a couple of hours when the temperature has subsided slightly.

How to Properly Hike During a Hot Day

It is also recommended to start a hiking season when it’s a occasionally cloudy, this will give us some of the needed respite from the overly intense sunlight. Hats are also essential to help protect us against the very hot sun. Brimmed hats are highly recommended, especially those that can protect the back of our neck and ears as well. It is important to set out at dawn after taking early breakfast, this would give us an opportunity to have a longer rest during the hottest hours of the day. We could take a nap under the shade after taking lunch and properly hydrating ourselves. Water can be so essential that there could be one guide assistant who is assigned to bring only water for the whole group.

A qualified guide should know how much water should be taken by each person during the hiking, depending on the current temperature, difficulty of the trail and physical conditions of the travelers. In a hot day, each person could require up to one liter of water each hour. It is also important to avoid bringing soda and alcohol, because they would actually dehydrate our body. The best snack would be fresh fruits with high water content, instead of dry bread, biscuits and others that could cause to become thirstier.

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