City Squares Around The World That Catch The Eye Automatically

By and large, every city has some sort of square, filling a crucial need as a social and conference place. They are for the most part enveloped by shops, restaurants, and a city anteroom. In the middle of these squares, there probably is a landmark, a statue or a fountain. However, other than these similarities, town squares likewise have their own specific unique history. Today, we look at some of most acclaimed city squares that have attracted the attention of people from all over the world.

We don’t know what city have you decided for your next vacation, but if it is one of the accompanying rundown, then keep in mind to visit these mammoth city squares. Soak in the feeling of being at peace and calmness, in the middle of the excited bustle happening around.

City Squares Around The World That Catch The Eye Automatically

Trafalgar Square, London

Trafalgar Square is an acclaimed city square commemorating Lord Horatio Nelson’s triumph against Napoleon’s maritime power at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The central historic point inside the square is a single tall fragment on which the figure of Nelson stands looking over London. His statue is guarded by four giant lions and a gush of large fountains. More than just an open court, the Trafalgar Square is a standout amongst the most famous city squares in the United Kingdom, and has transformed into a social and political region for visitors and Londoners alike.


Piazza del Campo, Siena, Italy

Piazza del Campo is located in the historical Italian town of Siena. It was built in the medieval times, and is shell-shaped. It is perhaps a standout amongst the most stunning city squares on the planet. Diverse customary structures periphery the square, for instance, the Town Hall and the tower Torre del Mangia. Its northwest edge is decked up by the sublime Fountain of the World. The square hosts a horse race twice every year, Palio di Siena, in which the riders circle the square three times.

Old Town Square, Prague

Old Town Square, Prague

The social image of Czech capital Prague, the Old Town square is situated between the Charles Bridge and the Wenceslas Square. It is enveloped by various structures like Týn Cathedral, Old Town Hall and Saint Nicholas Church. Prague Orloj, located on the Town Hall, is the most antiquated astro-clock in existence, having been presented in 1410. The centre of the square is decked up by the statute of religious reformer Jan Hus.

Times Square, New York

Times Square, New York

New York’s most well known city square, Times Square, is a confluence of all things happening in the city. It is situated at the convergence of Broadway and Seventh Avenue and stretches out from West 42nd to West 47th Streets. A spot stacked with video screens, LED signs, and blasting lights, this square is a top tourist destination for any traveler in New York. It is a great place to hush away boredom, for it has a host themed restaurants, theaters and hotels, and all the pomp and show. The lights and signs can be seen every time, throughout the day. Times Square is also acclaimed for its outstanding New Year’s Eve ball drop.

Zocalo, Mexico City

Located in the heart of the Mexico City, the Zócalo is one of the greatest squares on the planet. It is flanked by the Metropolitan Cathedral toward the north, and the National Palace toward the east, and different other imperative structures. A huge Mexican flag stands grandly in the center, which is ceremoniously hoisted down and raised each day. The city square has been a vital spot for gatherings for Mexicans since Aztec times.

So if you have not been to these famous city squares the world over, better make arrangements soon. These social event center points say a lot about the city’s way of life, legacy, and their conventions. Get going!

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