Great Insurance Is Just A Click Away

Insurance is something we all know about and what it means and for those who don’t like taking chances (especially abroad) it gives us a certain peace of mind that people without it, just don’t have. Let’s dig a little deeper into the subject and see what are the do’s and don’ts.

Great Insurance Is Just A Click Away

Resist the Option of Buying from a Travel Agent, Tour Operator or Airline

Why? This will simply and certainly cost you more!

Choose Exactly the Cover You Will Need Before Searching for a Deal

Why? If you’re taking along your iPad with you on holiday that cheap one-week cover is going to be useless when you realise it just isn’t covered. Do the research!

Check Out What May Already Be Covered by Your Home Insurance Policy

Why? Home insurance policies will often include cover for personal possessions when you’re away from home, so simply opt out of having baggage cover and make savings. It is possible you’re your credit card or current account includes some form of travel insurance, but ensure that the cover is sufficient for all your needs, because “free” insurance just might be very basic.

Select Annual Cover if You Travel More than Three Times Annually

Why? If you’re going to be traveling at least three times a year, then getting an annual policy for a year’s coverage for one price is going to cost you less than purchasing separate single-trip policies.

Check Out Age Limits and Medical Exclusions

Why? Some policies, especially low-priced, will not insure anyone aged over 65, however fit and able. Be honest and tell the insurer about any ongoing medical conditions and answer all questions up front. Some insurers will maybe then agree to cover certain conditions for a small extra fee.

Check Out Risky Activities – Even Horse Riding

Why? Some policies will exclude “risky activities”, from coverage. These can include activities such as horse riding, mountain climbing, scuba diving or jet skiing. If you are going on a holiday where you may be doing such activities, make real sure that the policy includes comprehensive cover for those sports.

Independent Travellers Should Choose Airline Failure Cover

Why? If you’re the kind of person who likes to make your own flight and accommodation arrangements, instead of booking a package, it’s of importance that your insurance includes cover for any scheduled airline and end-supplier failure cover, which will protect you should an airline, hotel company or even a ferry firm goes bankrupt after you’ve booked your trip. And please make a note that sometimes even five-star policies might not cover airline failures.

The Best Value Travel Insurance Deal

For quality and value travel policies on offer, look to obtain a quote online for the best priced travel insurance cover and get a quote. Make sure to check out all deals available and select one that suits you perfectly.


It’s always nice to have that certain peace of mind which comes when knowing that should anything just happen to go wrong, you’re covered. Wonder how many people right now somewhere, wish they had done the same! Have a great trip!

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