Why You Should Go For A Short Term Rental Apartments?

Travelling either for a business meeting or for leisure requires a place to stay and to relax. The moment you step into a new city, usually you head for a hotel to check-in but there are better options to make your stay more comfortable with the corporate condo rentals. You can either book such apartments or companies can take these condos on rentals for their executives. Let’s check out what are the benefits of staying at a rented apartment than staying at a hotel.

Why You Should Go For A Short Term Rental Apartments?


Location where you are staying makes a big difference in your overall travel experience. Apartments which are available on rent are generally located in a close proximity to the centre of the town which allows you to access any place of your interest with any difficulty. A good location also reduces your time and effort in transportation and lets you spend more leisure time to relax your body and soul.

More Spacious and Less Expensive

Short term apartment rental gives you the best of both worlds. You are getting a room which is more spacious than any standard hotel room but does not cost you as much as the hotel charges you. You can also lead a personal daily schedule which is impossible for hotel rooms where you can’t customize the services according your requirement.


If you are here in a new city for business meetings, then things could be little difficult for you as there would be prolonged meetings with the clients from morning till late of the night. After such a long hectic day, rentals apartments are best to drain out the stress. At a rented apartment, you don’t need to ask for the room keys from anyone. Here you can enjoy the complete privacy without letting any service-boy to disturb you.

Best Amenities

All rental apartments are loaded with best-of-class amenities to ensure a smooth and hassle-free stay. You can find all essential facilities that are must for leading a peaceful life in another city far away from your home. Condo apartments are all well-furnished with refrigerator, air conditioner, kitchen appliances and water heater paired with some furniture like bed, sofa, side table and a compact work-station. So, you are getting everything even being away from your home.

Variable Payment Option

When you are opting for renting an apartment on short term basis, there is no need to worry about the payment options. Just like the hotels, these rented apartments also offer multiple payment options including card payment, business cheques, online money transfer and wired transaction. Whichever payment mode is suitable, you can use it while paying the room charges. You can also ask to make a bill either in your favour or in favour of the company for which you are on a business trip.


After getting a fair idea on the advantages of corporate condo rentals, you can plan your next business travel to enjoy your “second home” at any other city.

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