How To Choose The Right Campervan

Choosing the right campervan for your next holiday is a big deal. Fail to choose the right camper for your needs and you could find that your holiday experience is just not as good as it could have been, so while it likely won’t be a complete disaster, there will surely be aspects that could have been better.

To help you choose the very best campervan for your next holiday from the wide selection available, here are a few handy tips. What’s more, be sure to shop around when looking for a campervan for hire as there are many different agencies and some offer a wider range of vehicles than others.

How To Choose The Right Campervan

Size and Number of Seats and Berths, etc.

The size of the campervan that you hire is very important, in fact, it’s one of the most important aspects of hiring a campervan in Australia for a great holiday. There are many different sizes and configurations of campervans, so while there may only be two people travelling, you may find that a larger camper with three berths is the better choice, because:

  • There will be more space for luggage, sports equipment, etc. Consider how much equipment and luggage you will be taking when hiring a camper and take into account features such as roof racks that can help you store more things outside while travelling.
  • There will be more legroom and one can use the rear of the camper while the other drives. If you’re planning on travelling long distances, the more legroom you have the comfier and more enjoyable your travels will be.

But that isn’t to say that you should opt for a larger camper, as you may find that a small, two-person camper is all that you have need of, especially if you’re not travelling for long, the distances that you’re planning on covering are quite short and you’re not taking a lot of luggage or equipment with you on your travels.

Features – Does It offer What You Need?

Campers tend to be very feature-packed these days and there are some great features available in campers, especially those with great configurations that make you wonder how they managed to fit so much in such a small vehicle! A kitchen tends to come standard in campers, however, if you want more than a kitchen, bed and small table, for example a toilet and shower, you may need to opt for a larger model, which is great if you feel comfortable behind the wheel of such a large vehicle.

While having a toilet and shower in the campervan is great and very convenient, it really depends on where you’re travelling as to whether you’ll actually need it or not, as most national park campsites are very well maintained and have modern showers and toilets, though not necessarily hot showers!

Wherever you’re travelling Down Under, from the tropics of Northern Queensland to the wide, open spaces of the Outback, choosing the right campervan for your travels helps you to get more out of your travelling experiences.

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