Guide In Choosing The Right Travel Insurance That Fits Your Next Adventure

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, tourists worldwide increased by 7% from 56 million last 2016 to 901 million in early 2017.  Despite the increase, the concept of safety in traveling, which involves getting a travel insurance, is low. Brian Kelly of The Points Guy, a digital platform for travel related tips, commissioned Princeton Survey Research International and found out that only 21% of their respondents purchase travel insurance. Out of those, only 7% purchase regularly. The remaining are those who have a poor idea of the importance of getting insured when travelling. A health insurance or credit card may offer protection, but either coverage may be different or limited. It is much better to err on the side of caution and get a travel insurance that fits your vacation.

Guide In Choosing The Right Travel Insurance That Fits Your Next Adventure

Here are some tips to guide you in choosing the travel insurance that matches your needs:

If you Want a Good Deal, don’t get your Insurance from Airlines or Travel Agents

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll often encounter add-ons such as “Trip Protection” or “Cancellation Protection”. You may have even encountered airline or cruise ticket providers that offer insurance from partner companies. However, reading the fine print of those policies carefully reveals the limitations of these offers, like reimbursement of only a fraction instead of the total price of your ticket or tax deductions. Travel agencies may also offer insurance, but remember that they are on commission and buying from them may cost you more than getting one on your own.

Seek help from an experienced Lawyer

Reading the fine details of your insurance policy is already a tedious job, more so is understanding what they mean. The Internet offers endless tips and guides, but consulting some professional gives you the assurance that the source of information is someone who was trained to do it. Issues arising from misinterpretation of insurance policies or conflicts with local laws may be better dealt with lawyers who specifically work with insurance and injury-related cases. Attorney Christopher Simon, with his law firm in Atlanta, Georgia, already has twenty years of experience handling cases involving insurance companies and injuries. Atty. Christopher Simon and his law firm offers free initial consultation and has already garnered positive reviews from previous clients.

Plan ahead

Go over your itinerary, and note the activities you may be partaking in. This will help you narrow down the content of the insurance policy that fits your trip. Fit for Travel by Health Protection Scotland published a list of safety advice when travelling. You can use this as a guide to plan and as a checklist of what you want out of your insurance.

Read and research

Online platforms like SquareMouth and Insure My Trip feature reviews of different travel providers. They also serve as a database of travel insurance policies, and you can compare different options before purchasing. Even as a backpacker, you can find an insurance that fits your adventure.

Purchasing travel insurance may mean more money to spend and paperwork to deal with. However, the extra effort of getting one for yourself or your travel companions is small when you compare it to the amount you’d have to spend without it. Don’t scrimp on your health and safety, and get an insurance policy that will ensure a financially-sound and worry-free travel.

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