Summer Activities for Kids with Special Needs

With the arrival of summer holidays, most parents of kids with special needs find themselves having a lot of free time to spend bonding with their children. While doing some stimulating and fun activities at Camp Barnabas is rewarding, going out on summer adventure can be an excellent option as well as a welcome break for both the parent and the special needs children.

Whether you are planning to spend the summer holidays in the local community, to take a family vacation or want to enroll your kids in summer camps, here are the top summer activities for children with special needs.

Tent Time

During summer, you can create a fantasy field with your young one without leaving your home. Pull out blankets and drape them over the dining room chairs and line the tents with the blankets to come up with an instant playing space in your backyard or living room.

The tent play will help your children to play for some hours. For most kids, it is comforting since they can retreat there if they feel overwhelmed and need some quiet time.

Summer Time Sensory Stations

As the summer weather heats up, it provides an opportunity to head out to the Camp Barnabas equipped with silly putty, shaving cream, paint, and some colored water as well as buckets to create sensory stations to familiarize your kid with various goopy textures. You can also load your table up with various components and allow your kid smear them around.

Petting Zoo or Firm Time

Taking your time to visit a petting zoo or a firm with your children can prove to be a perfect sensory experience for both of you. Most zoos and firms allow your children to bypass the available lines to avoid or minimize potential meltdowns if you plan them ahead of time.

Firms are excellent alternatives since they provide your kids with an opportunity to ride horses and even pony’s which is calming for them. They also help the kids to get organized due to rhythmic trotting’s effects on the vestibular systems. Petting zoos provide great sensory experiences since they get to interact and touch with animals.

Creative Projects

Like most parents, you have mountains of art pieces and collages that your children made throughout the entire school year. Although many parents love their artistic expressions, it can easily start to take up plenty of room.

During summer, you should take your time to gather and go through or photograph them to create bound books of their etchings to keep without turning your current home into a paper factory. Use some of the available services that provides easy-to-use tools and templates to help you and your special need kid create photo books.

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